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Preparation Guide

Preparation is the single most important element in laying a resin floor topping, given the correct degree of preparation, success is virtually guaranteed. That is why GRF have invested in the latest dust free preparation

equipment to ensure an optimal surface key first time every time. Many companies claim to lead the market in surface preparation, how many operate dust free? The issue of dust is major Health and Safety issue today. At GRF we understand the needs of our clients and the safety of personnel thats why all our equipment can be operated 100% dust free.




<p>Dust free Shot blasting is now becoming the industry standard for floor preparation and is recommended by resin manufacturers and Ferfa (the resin flooring association) as the most suitable peparation technique to produce a long lasting finish. All our</p>

<p>Diamond Grinding</p>

<p> <br />

Diamond grinding surface<br />

Vacuum extraction diamond grinding is suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces. Preparing old or new concrete, removing exisiting coatings and adhesives, re-etching of slippery surfaces and polishing. <br />

Floor Planner</p>

<p> <br />

Floor Planner<br />

Removing contaminated surface<br />

Floor planers provide and ideal method of removing high spots, removing existing coatings and screeds also creating non slip finishes.<br />

Dust Free Vacumm Extraction</p>

<p>Dust Free Collection<br />

High Spec Air Filtration to minimise dust</p>

<p>All dust collected in our Industrial vacumm units is deposited into a heavy duty bag this can then be easily sealed and disposed of with a licence waste handler.</p>

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