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Correct specification is at the heart of GRF philosophy, by ensuring that our clients get the right flooring surface to meet their individual needs we have been able to not only save our clients money but reduce distruption and production down time. GRF's high standard of service has been developed through working with a diverse client base, in Food, Textile, Chemical, Engineering and Commercial sectors, we have the technical knowledge, skilled workforce and equipment to meet the most demanding off budgets and work schedules. In addition, we are approved contractors for all the major resin flooring manufacturers in the UK such as Sika, Ucrete, Altro, Resin Surfaces and we are often specified by Architects and Main Contracors.

GRF are well recognised as setting the benchmark for innovation and excellence within the industry, through staff training, product development and close working relationships with specialist equipment manufacturers. It therefore comes as no suprise that we are not only increaseing the business we win but also have a very high volume of repeat business from satisfied customers.

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