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Food Storage & Distribution Federation

Grimsby Resin Floors are delighted to announce that they are now Associate members.

The FSDF is the sole UK trade body that focuses on representing and supporting the interests of the entire food and drink logistics industry.

This major industry sector is pivotal to the UK economy and to the population as a whole.

The FSDF specialises in providing services specifically designed for food and drink logistics operators. The organisations profile with Government, academia and other allied trade bodies ensures that the industry's interests are represented at the highest levels.

We also pride ourselves on providing individual support and advice to our members and responding promptly to member needs whatever they may be.

As well as its Board of Members the FSDF have three other committees:

Technical and Safety Committee - Drawn from Technical and Health and Safety Managers of FSDF Members

Business Affairs Committee - Drawn from Senior Industry managers including specialists such as HR

Operations Management Committee - Drawn from Logistics Specialists including some Manufacturers and Retailers


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