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Concrete repair for freezer and cold storage warehouse floors.

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Whether your business operations involve the use of subfreezing, near freezing temperatures or not, the last issue you need is a floor problem. If you have an existing freezer floor that was improperly designed or installed, it is just a matter of time before it starts to cause problems in your operation.

Or possibly, you are already experiencing floor issues. GRF has the experience to fix your situation with minimal task interruption to your operation. Many contractors believe they know the remedies, however, unless they have extensive work in cold storage, they have not experienced many of the situations we have encountered. Let GRF visit your site and design a course of action to correct the floor problem both now and for the future. 

Dependent upon the use, we use a number of reinforcing methods, pour techniques, concrete mixtures, and overall design to match your need. When used with the correct finisher, our floors will retain the same look as they day they were poured. The Result? You get a great floor that will last.

We use a variety of floor hardening and finishing products and will suggest the right product for your application. This includes pigmented urethane, epoxy, tongue oil, and other clear hardening products. We continue to work with the various floor product manufacturers to test and improve their products. We have the right product for your application, budget and schedule.

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