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Warehousing and Distribution Centres

GRF specialise in all aspects of flooring within the Warehousing Industry. This includes repairing expansion joint damage, providing long life line markings (typically 10 years+), concrete yard repairs, anti-slip flooring, reinforced trailer pads etc.

If you have an issue with your warehouse floor…

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Internal Proven Line Marking

Our internal line markings are proven to last. Typically 10 years+.

There are many examples around the country in busy 24/7 Distribution centres that our lining copes with heavy traffic. Whether your requirement be for pedestrian walkways, marshalling lanes, fire exits, cross hatching -GRF can provide this in Ambient, Chilled or Frozen Chambers.

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Joint Repairs

Joint damage through expansion and contraction is virtually guaranteed as Warehouses and Distribution Centre’s age.

In busy depot’s MHE traffic is often 24/7 and this leads to joints breaking up causing health & safety issues through potential trips and falls, and significant expenses in wheel and tyre damage.

With a regular maintenance programme all this can be avoided with minimal disruption to operational requirements. This service is provided throughout ambient, chill and sub zero chambers.

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Trailer Pads

Trailer pads at many Distribution centres are a continual problem.

Bolting large sheets of metal to the areas, does the job for a short time, but it is invariably not long before the bolts start to break the concrete under the significant pounding they get. Water ingress and freezing temperatures cause further issues leaving to extensive concrete damage together with the hazard of trips and falls.

At GRF we have a simple and effective solution, trialled over several years. Contact us to learn more of the super hard, enforced resin solution leaving a true finish.

Anti-Slip Steps

Many Distribution Centre’s and large warehouses have external metal steps up to Transport or Engineering offices.

Even concrete steps to and from depot car parks can became very slippery when wet and they can become a serious Health and Safety issue. GRF have a solution which dramatically reduces the danger to staff and site visitors alike.

External Concrete Repairs

Many yards in Warehouses and Distribution centres take a heavy pounding with larger lorries becoming more the norm.

Over time, concrete breaks up, (particularly around joints and drains) or sinks.

GRF are experienced in providing repairs and can also treat existing surfaces to help prevent water ingress and subsequent damage.

Industrial Flooring Solutions

At GRF our aim is to supply you with a service you’re happy with and a product that lasts the test of time.

If you’d like to discuss your needs with us whether they be for warehousing and distribution or food manufacturing, please don’t hesitate to call us or fill in the enquiry form on the Contact Page!